Artist Edition: Terrible Teddy


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You'd never know it, but artist Rob Plater loves teddy bears. Well, maybe not all of them, but certainly those that have a little his Terrible Teddy, which he created years ago and which now adorns a Boundless Brooklyn Artist Edition Water Tower. As Rob describes him, Teddy is "plush on the inside, and rough around the edges. Terrible Teddy has made his way to Brooklyn!" Bring this bad bear into your home or office today.

Water Tower Size: Medium 
Medium Used: Acrylic Paint


Hometown: Queens, New York

"Growing up in New York, subject matters of urban culture and human interaction, became driving elements of my creative process. The work mirrors circumstances unique to my upbringing in East New York, Brooklyn, and sheds light onto my personal search for identity or relevance in an endlessly changing environment. The visual cultures found in traditional painting, street art and illustration serve as platforms for my imagination to exist as something tangible and further express the manner in which I rationalize the world."

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