Artist Edition: Welcome To The Jungle


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Some work you look at and think: how on earth was this painted by hand? That's definitely how we feel about the incredible style displayed in art from In Prime We Trust. So we're honored to have his first-ever Boundless Brooklyn Artist Edition piece, Welcome To The Jungle. Prime's classic gorilla character plays a leading role, and he (she?!) is brought to life with beautifully vivid colors. Grab this one-of-a-kind work or art before it's gone for good. 

Model Kit Style: Billboard 
Medium Used: Acrylic Paint


Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut

My artistic ability started at the age of 6 when I was placed into a special art program. I loved creating art on a daily basis but life got in the way and I took a 9-year hiatus. In 2012 “In Prime We Trust” was born. It’s been full steam ahead since then. My influences come from childhood cartoons, graffiti, urban culture, and humor to name a few. I currently live in Connecticut, but grew up in Los Angeles for a big chunk of my 20s. Its all comes down to evoking emotions in people through my art.

Please Note: All Artist Edition sales are final.

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