Artist Edition: Tranquility


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In October of 2015, we took part in our first New York Comic Con, and a number of artists did live painting demos, drawing admiring crowds. One of the pieces from our time at Comic Con is from the one and only Zero Productivity, whose Small Water Tower, Tranquility, is an incredible example of Z's talent: the precise on such a tiny canvas is astounding. Grab this one-of-a-kind piece for your home or office.  

Model Kit Style: Small Water Tower
Medium Used:
Acrylic Paint & Markers


Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Quan Zeng, better known to many by the moniker "Z," is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and graffiti artist. As a rugrat, he enjoyed scribbling on walls with his Crayolas. He then shifted over to Sharpies and spray paint and finally graduated to becoming one with his Wacom & Mac.  

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