Artist Edition: Swayze


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We're psyched to partner with our friends at myplasticheart on Matt Siren's first Artist Edition series water tower, Swayze. Like many of Matt's pieces, Swayze pays homage to an iconic figure of the 1980s — Ms. Pac Man.   

Model Kit Style: Medium Water Tower
Medium Used: Acrylic Paint & Markers


Hometown: Queens, New York

Matt Siren is an illustrator and street artist based in Queens, NY. His art is heavily stimulated by images from the 80s such as cartoons, video games, graffiti, heavy metal cd covers, posters in the Art Nouveau style, pinup and the emergence of modern day (computer generated) graphic design & branding. His work is iconic - both clean and gritty, using clean lines over textural backgrounds. In 2005, he created Ghost Girl as his signature icon in representing his current work. Matt's work can been seen in clothing lines by Better Days Clothing, skateboards by Reciprocal Skateboards, RoyalFlush Magazine, numerous galleries in the NYC area, as well as throughout the streets of Manhattan.

Please Note: All Artist Edition sales are final.

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