Artist Edition: Stay Young


Sold Out


When it came to launching our Halfpipe model kit, we knew exactly which artist we wanted to customize the first one: ChrisRWK. Well, it didn't take long before his piece, Stay Young, debut...and sold out! We'd normally use this space to explain why you should grab it before it's gone, but, well, we're all a bit late to the game. Stay tuned for more ChrisRWK artwork debuting soon.  

Model Kit Style: Halfpipe 
Medium Used: 
Acrylic Markers


Hometown: Staten Island, New York

Chris’s works frequently reveal everyday musings and people one would pass on the street without looking or thinking about twice. These images also aid Chris in the creation of a visual language comprised of his own iconographic imagery. Through the repetition of this imagery, Chris strives to familiarize his viewers with the language he has constructed. Chris believes that the notions within his pieces serve as a backbone to the many stories created by the onlooker when he or she is viewing the work.

In 2001 Chris set in motion, an arts site dedicated to community and exposure for artists/media often disregarded by the mainstream art world. Rather than featuring his own work exclusively, he opened it up to allow the possibility for it to become whatever it evolved into being. RWK has a core group of artists, those artists are Chris, Kev/Psyn, Veng, Mike Die and OverUnder. Along with overseas affiliates ECB (Germany), Peeta (Italy), Flying Fortress (Germany) and JesseRobot (Belgium). Chris has used this interaction and collaboration with these artists to help develop his artwork in new ways. Over the years Chris's imagery has become quickly identifiable and familiar to many people. He is trying to evoke more stories in people's minds every day.

Please Note: All Artist Edition sales are final.


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