Artist Edition: The Light of the Lantern Corps


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If you're not paying attention, you might get bowled over pretty easily when you see Rey "The DRiF!" Rosa's work for the first time. It's colorful, lively and alive, and it grabs your attention immediately. The amazing thing is the Rey's been at this for only about a year! Rey's first piece for our Artist Edition series is The Light of the Lantern Corp, which is a shoutout to all of the members of the legendary DC Comics team "besides the well-known Green Lantern!"

Model Kit Style: Medium Water Tower 
Medium Used: 
Acrylic & Spray Paint


Hometown: New York, New York

Rey "The DRiF!" Rosa is a Latin American abstract artist who was born and raised in the Bronx, and currently lives in the East Village in NYC. He's a lover of the arts, where his passion lies in documenting and creating. Since the age of 14 The DRiF! has dappled in different fields of creativity, from choir, culinary arts and sound engineering, to where he now resides as an up-and-coming photographer and artist. The DRiF! is a self-taught artist whose work continues to evolve and develop its DRiFstract style. The DRiF! is inspired by Jackson Pollock, Ron English, Solus and Conor Harrington.  

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