Artist Edition: El Muerto


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ChrisRWK's curatorial skills are in effect with the debut of DINKC's first-ever Artist Edition piece, El Muerto. Created during our stint at New York Comic Con, this piece is vintage DINKC, and features exacting lettering and beautiful hand-drawn characters. Want further proof? Check the reverse side of this customized Billboard and you'll see the incredible detail that's found on all of DINKC's work. El Muerto is a one-of-a-kind work of art, so grab it before it's gone.   

Model Kit Style: Billboard
Medium Used:
Acrylic Paint & Markers


Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

DINKC is a Kansas City-bred illustrative designer based in Brooklyn. He brings a clash of his Mexican-American cultures, street art boldness, and Day of the Dead related skulls to yo Dome! 

Please Note: All Artist Edition sales are final.

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