Artist Edition: E.T. No Home


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Crummy Gummy's first Boundless Brooklyn Artist Edition Series is a shoutout to the 80s, and features one of that decades most famous icons, E.T. Here's how Crummy Gummy explains his one-of-a-kind piece: "E.T. No Home" showcases a Little Lego street artist who wants to show his art to the world. Will he get caught? Will he be tased? Will he even feel it seeing that he is made of plastic? You be the judge." The billboard also features the artists popular “E.T. No Home” image often-spotted in Brooklyn.

Model Kit Style: Billboard 
Medium Used: Photograph, Paper, Wheat-paste. Spray Paint and Legos. 


Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Crummy Gummy is a Latino American photographer and street artist who currently lives in Orlando, FL. His art can be found across North America along with countries in South America and Europe.  A major inspiration for the artist is using things he was fond of as a child, such as gummy bears, comics or popular toys. They are often reoccurring subjects in his work.

His on going series "Famous and Struggling" depicts photographs of popular toys and brings a little humanity to them (and humor) as struggling celebrities. The artist then wheat pastes them all over the country interacting with our reality. Crummy Gummy is also Co-Owner of the Redefine Gallery in Orlando, FL.


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