Artist Edition: Dead Space Mouse


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Playful and Whimsical. Those are two words that immediately pop into our minds when we see ZeroProductivity's incredible work. His first creation for our Artist Edition series — Dead Space Mouse — is no exception. Bright orange contrasted with subtle white help his main character, the eponymous mouse, flash that toothy grin that's ever-present in Zero's creations. 

Model Kit Style: Medium Water Tower 
Medium Used: Spray Paint & Acrylic Paint


Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Quan Zeng, better known to many by the moniker "Z," is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and graffiti artist. As a rugrat, he enjoyed scribbling on walls with his Crayolas. He then shifted over to Sharpies and spray paint and finally graduated to becoming one with his Wacom & Mac.  

Please Note: All Artist Edition sales are final.

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