Artist Edition: Bowerbird


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As part of ChrisRWK's ongoing effort to offer a variety of styles in the Artist Edition series, illustration and fine arts will start to take more of a bow. So we're thrilled to debut one of Chris's latest selections, Gigi Chen, whose initial customized Boundless Brooklyn water tower — The Bowerbird — is the perfect example of how diverse we hope the series will be. And who better to explain her new work than Gigi herself?! "The Bowerbird is the symbol of determination and pure art. All year long, the little songbird diligently builds an elaborate nest, while collecting objects such as shells, berries and bottle caps. Taking all his found treasures, he carefully arranges them around the nest in a most attractive manner, all to lure a female companion. They are the great artists of the bird world."

Model Kit Style: Medium Water Tower 
Medium Used: 
Acrylic Paint


Hometown: New York, New York

Gigi Chen is a painter and illustrator based in Harlem, New York.  Born in Guangdong, China and raised in Queens, New York, Gigi creates an aesthetic that combines her training as a traditional animator and her love of Old Master techniques. Her obsessions with Birds, Bees and Robots have sent her on many art adventures throughout the East Coast. Gigi first exhibited her paintings in New York at Deitch Projects as part of the ARTSTAR reality-based television program. She has since shown at the Queens Museum of Art, the Index Art Center and Mighty Tanaka Gallery in New York. 

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