We're based in Brooklyn.
So we know the difference between stoop and shtup.

Boundless Brooklyn is brought to you by David & Terence, friends who met at NYU’s ITP Masters Program. David grew up in Florida, spent four years in L.A. and has lived in Brooklyn for 10+ years (and is now the 4th generation of his family to call Brooklyn home). Terence is a more recent arrival, giving up the California coast to cross the Hudson and East Rivers about 8 years ago.

Now that you know who we are, we’d love to know who you are — and how, and where, you’re showing off your Boundless Brooklyn model kits. You can give us a shout via InstagramFacebook and email.

And a very special thank you to our fearless advisor, Nitin Bhargava — who has more than 10 years of retail and merchandising experience, including lead positions at kidrobot, MakerBot and littleBits. Over the past few years, he's guided — and saved — us time and time again. 

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