We're based in Brooklyn.
So we know the difference between stoop and shtup.

Boundless Brooklyn is a two-man operation that started when we (David and Terence) realized that no one was making Brooklyn's iconic water towers in desk-friendly sizes. And we know a thing or two about the need for decor in small spaces. David has lived in Brooklyn for 10+ years (and is now the 4th generation of his family to call Brooklyn home), while Terence gave up the California coast to cross the Hudson and East Rivers about 8 years ago.

From our very small beginnings, we've seen Boundless grow beyond the initial inspiration of our little water tower. Even with this growth, we're committed to continue making, packaging and shipping every model kit in (and from) NYC and the Tri-state area.

There were lots of people who've helped us get to where we are, but we'd like to give a very special thank you to Nitin Bhargava — who has more than 10 years of retail and merchandising experience, including lead positions at kidrobot, MakerBot and littleBits. Over the past few years, he's guided — and saved — us time and time again. 

Now that you know who we are, we’d love to know who you are — and how, and where, you’re showing off your Boundless Brooklyn model kits. You can give us a shout via InstagramFacebook and email.

Boundless Brooklyn About Us