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Like the saying goes, there's no place like home, and that's especially true for Kolonihavehus, a home that Tom Fruin crafted with his own hands. Whether you had the chance to visit it during its debut in Denmark, or its current residence at Brooklyn North Farms at the Domino Sugar Factory, Kolonihavehus makes you feel, well, right at home.

We're thrilled to introduce the Boundless replica of Kolonihavehus, our first-ever full-color printed model kit! Kolonihavehus—Danish for community garden shed—features the vibrant colors and iconic "stained glass" vibe that Tom is famous for. Like all Boundless kits, Kolonihavehus is made in NYC from 100% recyclable material, all in a size that's designed for any office or home...within a home! And just like our collaboration with Tom last year, on his famous Watertower, this too is a limited-edition series and won't be produced again.

***As a special bonus, the first 100 kits sold will receive a free 8x10 photograph of Kolonihavehus in Brooklyn, by photographer Matt Pugliese. You can see the photo in the thumbnails.

Model Kit Style: House
Medium Used:  Full-color printing

Each kit comes complete with:

  • 3 precision-cut, full-color printed parts
  • 2 sheets of non-toxic Glue Dots®
  • Step-by-step instructions

    Assembled dimensions:

    • 7 3/8”H x 6 1/8”W x 6 1/16”D
      (18.8 cm x 15.7 cm x 15.5 cm)


    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

    Working with plexiglass, steel, plastic, and scrap material, Tom Fruin takes on recognizably urban objects (houses, billboards, flags and the like), elevating their form to emblematic status and architectural scale. Sourcing sign shop offcuts and brilliantly-hued plexiglass scraps throughout Chinatown, Fruin weaves patchworks of primary colors into striated grids, recalling not only his earlier drug-bag quilts but also the energy and syncopation of New York City itself, very much in the vein of Piet Mondrian. Illuminated from within and constructed in municipal locales, Fruin's structures flash and dim to their own internal rhythms, becoming beacons of color and temples of light that dot city skylines and community parks alike. Nocturnally radiant and visible 24/7, we find landmarks and city-specific artifacts which transform public space in the vein of both land art and light space movements.
    Tom Fruin, originally from Los Angeles, CA now lives and works in New York City. He has already exhibited in over 25 solo shows and over 30 group shows including ones in Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Argentina, Switzerland, Israel, Austria, Denmark, among others. He has been written up in various magazines from Sculpture Magazine, Architectural Digest, the New York Times, Juxtapoz, the Huffington Post and Flash Art. His works are in various collections such as The Margulies Collection (FL), the Richard J. Massey Foundation for Arts and Sciences (NY), The Hanck Collection at the Museum Kunstpalast (Germany), The Buenos Aires Design Center (Centro Metropolitano de Diseño, BA), The Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation (NY), among many others. His Watertower now graces the Brooklyn skyline, as a beacon for passerby’s crossing the Manhattan Bridge. 

    Profile photo by Guerin Blask. Kolonihavehus photo by Matt Pugliese. 

    *Please Note: Images are a representation of the actual product. Product is opaque and light will not shine through. All Limited Edition sales are final.

    Glue Dots® is a Trademark of Glue Dots International.

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