Artist Edition: Nobody Puts Franky In The Corner


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Brandon Sines's brings his signature style to his first-ever Boundless Brooklyn Artist Edition Series piece — which also happens to be the first piece to debut since ChrisRWK took the helm of this section. Brandon's customized Billboard Model Kit features his character, Frank, taking a break on his Boundless perch. This one-of-a-kind piece is available only here, so grab it before it's gone.  

Model Kit Style: Billboard 
Medium Used: Acrylic & Oil-Based Paint Markers


Hometown: New York, New York

Brandon Sines, born in Los Angeles in 1986, is a painter and street artist. Sines — who has no formal art education — grew up in Toronto, Canada, and moved to NYC in 2010, creating his iconic character, Frank Ape, that same year. Frank Apes can be found painted, wheat pasted and stickered in NYC. Sines's first solo presentation was in 2013 at the Living Gallery in New York. Frank Ape art has been purchased by people all over the world, including Japan, Germany and Thailand. Frank has even made it onto the stage of Project RunwayNotable collectors include Solange, who owns four original Frank pieces, and photographer Robert Misrach, who has several non-Frank Ape pieces. 

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