Artist Edition: Day Trippin' To The Beach


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The first time we saw Weird*Eye*One's work was the Lifeguard Tower he customized for the show we did with/at Woot Bear in San Francisco (which, conveniently enough, ChrisRWK curated). That tower was sleek, elegant and crisp — and we're so psyched to see that WeirdEye has replicated that beautiful work with his first Artist Edition piece, Day Trippin' To The Beach

Model Kit Style: Lifeguard Tower 
Medium Used: 
Acrylic Paint 


Hometown: Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Anthony “weird*eye*one” DeBenedictis is a painter, muralist, designer, street artist and an illustrator that currently resides in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. He is originally from Newark, New Jersey, where he grew up surrounded by skateboarding, punk rock & hardcore music, and graffiti. In the early 2000s, Anthony started painting on walls inside & outside of abandoned buildings, trains and pretty much everywhere he can.  He also occasionally puts up little homemade wood panels with abstract paintings or funny faces drawn on them. They usually appear on buildings, on signs, on trees in the woods near trails, on trucks and on trains. Anthony also produces a large amount of studio work that he shows in solo and group art exhibits in galleries around the USA and around the world in Australia, Japan and Europe.

Anthony still paints walls in and around abandoned places as well as an occasional freight train, and he also paints commissioned murals outside and inside. For his studio work, Anthony enjoys painting on birch & white oak panels and paper, using acrylic paints, inks, and spray paint. Anthony’s art work both outside on walls and inside the galleries can be described as illustrative, detailed, abstract and a bit on the psychedelic side as well.

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