Artist Edition: Bark


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When we started the Boundless Brooklyn Artist Edition series, the only constant we knew we'd have is the canvas we were providing the artists: the water tower. What they did with in — and the media they used — was (and is) up to them. So when we saw how Elliot Meyers combined his love and talent for photography into his Large tower, we were blown away. He used his own images and restructured them to fit the form. For this tower, he chose images of tree bark including: Carolina Silverbell (roof), Coconut Palm (tank), and Japanese Zelkova and White Birch (platform); as well as an image of water used for a special insert. 

Model Kit Style: Large Water Tower 
Medium Used: Photographic Prints, Cardboard Insert & Semi-Gloss Finish


Hometown: New York, New York

Elliot Meyers is a New York City artist and photographer originally from Manasquan, NJ, specializing in structure of nature photography, in addition to doing illustration and a background in all aspects of theater. Elliot hopes his work leads the viewer to rediscover the wonder of the commonplace and everyday in a new way.

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