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Claw Money + Boundless Brooklyn Means Magic at MoMA June 11 2015

Tonight was a magical night at Boundless Brooklyn: our first-ever women's-only art show — Towers Of Power — opened at the MoMA Store in Soho, and the curator beyond the wheel of this great event was the one and only Claw Money

Claw invited more than 30 female artists to customize Boundless water towers, asking them to interpret what feminism meant to them. The results, like the turnout at MoMA, were spectacular. In addition to the work, attendees cooled off from NYC's blazing day with Sailor Jerry Dark & Stormy cocktails and Fresh & Co. bottled water. Bust Magazine was a generous sponsor as well, and provided free copies of its latest issue. And we couldn't have pulled it off without the help of our PR majordomo, Greg Waters (of Enright Communications) — and the entire team at the MoMA Store. 

If you're in NYC, please be sure to stop by the MoMA Store (81 Spring Street, Lower Level) to see and shop these beautiful and unique works of art.  

Boundless Brooklyn Towers Of Power MoMA Store

The First Boundless Brooklyn Show Lands In California May 29 2015

After months of behind-the-scenes action, including countless calls, emails, and deliveries, our first-ever custom art show in California debuted tonight at Woot Bear, in San Francisco. Leading the charge was ChrisRWK, who curated more than 40 incredible artists from all across the U.S. — and even created a piece of his own. And to make sure a full beach theme was to be had, our partnership included customized, limited edition t-shirts from the L.A.-based apparel company Outré Apparel.

The first group of attendees were treated to gift bags with toys from Kid Robot, tees from Outré and salty water taffy from Salty Road. So if you're in San Francisco, be sure to swing by Woot Bear, where all towers will be on display and sale until June 29th.  

Boundless Brooklyn Woot Bear Art On Guard

Boundless Brooklyn 20/20 Group Show Hits Mindzai Toronto May 24 2015

As spring and summer kick into high gear — and everyone loves to be out and about — our shows are also getting hot. Next up: the latest installment of the cross-Canada 20/20 Group Show series, which started last December in Montreal. For this stop, Boundless Brooklyn and curator TurtleCaps have partnered with Mindzai in Toronto. 

As the name of the series implies, 20 American and 20 Canadian artists have lent their incredible skills to 40 Boundless Brooklyn water tower model kits. The show features work from leading figures like ATOMIK, Bruno SmokyChrisRWK, Duel RIS, Icy & Sot, Lou Pimentel, Lovebot, Mediah, Nicholai Khan, Shalak Attack, Treetrooper, Yuhmi Collective, Zero Productivity and many more. 

The show opened on Friday, May 22nd, and runs until June 21st; all towers will be for sale on the Mindzai's site. Special thanks to TurtleCaps for bringing together such an incredible and diverse group, and to RISE Kombucha for their ongoing sponsorship of this series. 

Boundless Brooklyn 20/20 Group Show Toronto Mindzai

Shake Shake + Boundless Brooklyn = One Delicious Kit May 13 2015

We could wax poetic about our newest collaboration (with Shake Shack!), but we'd be hard pressed to say it better than their team, which wrote this incredible blog post on their site:

Shake Shack is stoked to announce a partnership with Boundless Brooklyn on our very own architectural replica of the Madison Square Park Shake Shack in celebration of the flagship Shack’s reopening in Spring 2015.

Boundless Brooklyn owners David and Terence combine everyday symbols of their favorite cities and transform them into unique DIY model kits of these icons, including the New York City Water Tower and California Lifeguard Tower.

Made from chipboard, a 100% recycled material, the Madison Square Park Shack model was made to-scale from the 2015 architectural renderings of the Shack. The kit comes with everything you’ll need to create your own Shack. Get your DIY skills ready; there’s no limit to creativity when it comes to customizing your own replica.

Models will be on display and available for purchase ($20) at the Madison Square Park Shake Shack and online at on opening day.

There’s more. In line with the Shake Shack mission to Stand For Something Good, David and Terence have worked with Reed Space and Jeff Staple to develop the Art of Shack gallery event, curated by ChrisRWK, to be held at Reed Space June 21 through July 3. Event details and a full line-up of artists will be announced right here in the coming weeks.

To check out more of Boundless Brooklyn’s work, follow them on Instagram @boundlessbrooklyn and visit

To stay up-to-date on the reopening of the Madison Square Park Shack, get intel on Reed Space Art of Shack gallery opening, and learn when kits are available for purchase sign up for our newsletter.

Shipping to More Countries Around the World April 26 2015

As spring starts to settle in—and the sun and temperatures seem to be brighter—we're celebrating by adding to the number of countries Boundless Brooklyn ships to (in addition to the U.S. & Canada). So if you live in or want deliveries to one of these places, you can now place an order directly on our site, and the shipping fees will be calculated automatically:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • The U.K.

We'll continue to add additional destinations in the coming weeks. Until then, you can email to get a quote for countries not listed here. 

From the Rockaways to the Palisades, Surf's Up April 15 2015

This won't come as a shock to anyone who knows us, but water plays a big part of who we are. After all, our first-ever model kit is an homage to water held high above our collective head. But even these die-hard water tower fans had plans for more kits to honor more icons. Which is why we're so psyched to give a preview of our newest addition: the Boundless Brooklyn Lifeguard Tower model kit

Like everything we create, this new kid on the beach is also Made in NYC from 100% recycled material (chipboard). It's 100% customizable with acrylics & markers, measures a desk-friendly 8 1/2" H x 6" W x 13 1/4" D, and is now ready to bring into your home or office.

A huge shout to our friend and PR guru, Greg Waters / Enright Communications for snapping this fantastic pic on a San Diego beach. 


Creating Fresh Art at the Brooklyn Museum April 06 2015

This past Saturday, four incredible artists — 

Rob Plater (@tmoplater)Marthalicia (@marthalicia)Mary Damian (@_murrz) & Quan Zeng (@zeroproductivity) — put on an epic tag-a-tower clinic at the Brooklyn Museum, as part of the Target First Saturday/Basquiat "Notebooks" event. Within minutes of starting, this incredible crew was swarmed with onlookers, most of whom stayed for the entire 3-hour session. And halfway through, another skilled tagger — Laeden Galicia (@dinkc) — pulled up a seat and started jamming on a Boundless Brooklyn tower of his own. 

Check out the results at the Brooklyn Museum Shop, where the customized towers are now on sale. 

A huge shout to the artists and team at the Shop, especially Tracy & Janelle, who's incredible help and support made this all possible. 

An Incredible Opening to the 50 TOWERS show April 04 2015

Last night was the incredible opening of our latest custom water tower show "50 TOWERS" — curated by Chris Buzelli & SooJin Buzelli — at Kikkerland/Kikkerland Shop NYC. Fifty of the world's leading illustrators created mind-blowing works of art, using our Mega water tower kits as their canvases. And the turnout was equally epic; at least 300 people came through the shop — all while sipping craft beer provided generously by Alphabet City Brewing Company (ACBC) — with many of the custom towers getting snapped up in the process. 

A huge shout to all of the artists, the entire team at Kikkerland/Kikkerland Shop NYC , ACBC and Chris & SooJin. Without everyone's unbelievable effort, none of this would've been possible. Check our Instagram feed (@boundlessbrooklyn) to see all of the work. 

Boundless Pops Up at 80 Stores in Japan March 26 2015

Late last year, one of our favorite retail partners — By Brooklyn — approached us with an unbelievable opportunity: to take part in EIGHTY By Brooklyn-branded popup shops across Japan. Oh, and we should probably mention that these shops would all be within the incredible retail chain Plaza Style. Well, what began with a conversation has turned into reality: Boundless Brooklyn model kits and magnets can now be found across Japan thanks to By Brooklyn & Plaza Styles fantastic support. We're honored to have been included, and humbled to have our products associated with other Brooklyn brands like Grady's Cold Brew, Salty Road Taffy and Brooklyn Rehab. 

A giant "THANK YOU" to Gaia & Mindy at By Brooklyn...and an equally gigantic "ARIGATO" to the Plaza Style team. 

Knockaround Knocks Us Out March 18 2015

A few months ago, the dope team at the San Diego-based sunglass company Knockaround approached us with an offer we couldn't refuse (don't worry, no horse heads involved): they hired Boundless Brooklyn to create a Knockaround City Sign for them to give their retail partners and sell on their site. Well, who are we to refuse such an incredible opportunity?! So we're psyched to announce that the Boundless Brooklyn-made Knockaround City Sign is now up and available for sale on

A huge thanks to Adam and Regan for the incredible collaboration. Looking forward to many more. 

Our Newest Show: Illustrated Water Towers February 08 2015

We're thrilled to announce that award-winning illustrator (and RISD & SVA professor), Chris Buzelli, and his equally talented (and award-winning Creative Director) wife, SooJin Buzelli, are curating our next customized water tower show, 50 Towers. This is the first time that we've had an illustrators-only event, and Chris & SooJin have put together an epic lineup. 

Join us for opening night at Kikklerand Shop NYC (493 6th Avenue, NYC), from 6pm-9pm. 50 illustrated towers will be on display and sale, and the show will be up until April 15th. 

And check out this incredible list of illustrators...


Boundless Brooklyn + Outré Apparel. Something Awesome This Way Comes! February 04 2015

It all started with Instagram, when the amazing folks at Outré Apparel posted a pic of a Boundless Brooklyn water tower they'd customized (and quite beautifully, we might add). We're always incredibly appreciative of the incredible art that people are creating with our towers, and thought: let's reach out to Outré and thank them for the support. Well that one message quickly snowballed, and we're psyched to announce that it's lead to a collaboration on new products and an upcoming event this in L.A. 

While we can't yet spill the details on the goodness heading west, here's the gorgeous logo (well, the teaser of the real logo!), that Outré designed. Stay tuned! 

The MoMA Store Comes Calling January 24 2015

We are thrilled, honored and humbled to announce that the MoMA Store has brought Boundless Brooklyn aboard. As big time lovers of design, we're still pinching ourselves to see our flagship Mini water tower model kit now available at all three of MoMA's NYC shops. It's such a privilege to be among such top-tier designers and products. And a special thank you to Moon and Seok-Hee for all of their help. 

All The News That's Fit To...Oh, You Know January 09 2015

We were completely blown away to see a Boundless Brooklyn water tower featured in a recent article in The New York Times. The article, In Brooklyn, a Dream Home Beside the Gowanus Canal, covers the renovation of the incredibly gorgeous Brooklyn home of Philippe Baumann and Lisa Sardinas. If you go to the slide show of images, and click to #2, you'll spy the water tower representing! A huge thanks to Mr. Baumann & Ms. Sardinas from making our tower a part of their home...and to The Times for the honor. 

Here We Come, Canada January 06 2015

It took us a little while — we even managed to have a show in Montreal beforehand! — but we've finally gotten our act together and now ship all orders to our great northern neighbor...Canada. No need to email us to ask about fees and timing; just add some Brooklyn goodness to your shopping cart, and on checkout, your shipping options will be displayed automatically. That's just right neighborly! 

Extra, Extra...Boundless Brooklyn's In The NY Post December 22 2014

This weekend, The NY Post recommended our Kentile Floors sign model kit as one of its recommended last-minute gifts for this year's holidays. A huge thank you to The Post for the support, and for including us with all of the amazing brands on the list. We're completely honored and humbled by the shout! 

Merci, Montreal December 16 2014

This past weekend we had the unbelievable honor of attending our first international Montreal. Forty artists — 20 from Canada and 20 from the U.S. — put their incredible skills to work on Boundless Brooklyn water towers, and the results were spectacular. City Styles and Cool Koala Crew teamed to host the packed event, and Rise Kombucha was the official sponsor (and provided some delicious mixed drinks, we might add!). Of course, none of this would have been possible without the mad genius, Turtle Caps, who teamed with Boundless to pull off this magic moment, in less than a month. 

So from Brooklyn to Montreal, merci bien pour une grande expérience! Nous vous verrons sur notre prochain voyage.

amNEWYORK Gives Boundless Brooklyn A Holiday Shoutout December 09 2014

Thank you, thank you amNEWYORK for including the Boundless Brooklyn Mega Water Tower kit in this year's holiday Gift Guide (page 16, if you click the link above). As a local brand, we're honored to be a part of your recommendations, and appreciate the support. A special thanks to Meredith Deliso who wrote the article and helped convince parents that their kids should get a bit of Brooklyn iconography for the holidays. 

Cyber Monday + Our 1st Birthday = 20% Savings November 30 2014

In honor of Cyber Monday — and our very 1st birthday — we're happy to announce a 20% savings on anything and everything you order on This special discount is available all day Monday, December 1st (from 12am-11:59pm, EST).

To get the 20% savings, simply fill your cart with some Brooklyn goodness, and enter this code at checkout: fromthe718

Magic in Miami November 24 2014

This past weekend, we had the incredible honor of being at the opening night of our second tagged tower show; this one — "Leaps & Bounds" — took part in the Wynwood section of Miami, and featured more than 40+ customized Boundless Brooklyn water towers, from some of Miami's leading artists. The turnout, like the work itself, was overwhelming. We'd like to thank all of the artists who took part, as well as Elemental for hosting, to Shake Shack, Ms Cheezious and Wynwood Brewing for providing delicious treats and giveaways and, of course, to Yo Miami (or South Florida rep) for making all of this happen. 

The show will be up through Art Basel, so be sure to swing by Elemental and check out the amazing work. (Elemental is located at 2399 NW 2nd Avenue.) 

And here's a list of all the incredible artists whose work you'll see:

Alvin Hernandez, Aquarela Sabol, Arnaud Pages, Atomik, Buddah Funk, Carlos Solano, Chy Tea, Claudio Picasso (CP1), CONE, Danny Ferrer, Diana Contreras, Eduardo Mendieta, Eleazar Delgado, Eric Estrada, Ernesto Kunde, Evoca1 (Elio Mercado), GG (Gabriel Gimenez), Goop Massta, Grabster, Haza The Pig, Ivan Roque, Jenny Perez, JNGL (Andres Carmiol), Jorge Rodriguez, Kazilla, KEDS, Krave (Daniel Fila), Lorie Ofir, Luis Berros (STYLE), Miro, Monique Lassooij, Nate Dee, OEMS (Raul Santos II), Registered Artist, Rei Ramirez, Reinier Gamboa, REMOTE (Jay Bellicchi), Ruben Ubiera, SURGE, Teepop, Tesoro Carolina, The Drif (Rey), Trek 6, WHUT, Yuhmi Collective 


Eau Canada November 12 2014

Wow, it's been awhile since we shared any news here. Yes, yes, we've been busy, busy, but that's no excuse. It's hard to know what to talk about because there are a lot of exciting things happening at Boundless, but we're excited about something that came out of the blue: a tagged tower show in Montreal! 

While the details are still coming together, we do know that the event will happen in mid-December and feature almost 20 local artists, as well as a number of artists from the U.S. Stay tuned for updates...and we promise we won't abandon the blog. 

Oh, and did you catch our bad pun in the title of this post? 

Untapped Cities Taps Into Boundless October 06 2014

A huge thank you to Untapped Cities for the really kind write-up they did about Boundless — and the show we did with/at The Brooklyn Museum. Seeing our towers — tagged and au naturel — as well as one of our new City Signs is enough to make these Brooklynites blush. And we'd be remiss is we didn't thank Rachel Fawn Alban, whom we met at the show, and who tipped off Untapped about us. 

Image © Rachel Fawn Alban

Thank You Brooklyn Museum, For Hosting Our First Event October 03 2014

Of the many cultural institutions in Brooklyn, there's one that's the undisputed mecca for art, with a name that's quite befitting: the Brooklyn Museum of Art. So we were honored to co-host a water tower-painting event there last night, as three incredibly talented artists — Violet Paek, Quan "ZeroProductivity" Zeng and Rey "The DRiF!" Rosa — put on a clinic for hundreds of people. Each artist started with blank water tower kits, and in the span of a few hours, created unique works of art (two of which sold on the spot). 

An enormous thank you to Tracy and Janelle, from the Brooklyn Museum, for all of their help organizing this fantastic opportunity. And, of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't also thank Violet, Quan and Rey for their time and talent! 

Read All About It: Final Details For Our Show At myplasticheart September 27 2014

What started as a conversation over lunch with Vin from myplasticheart is now about to happen — our first-ever artists' show! Join us on Saturday, November 1st (from 7 pm - 10 pm) for the opening night of The Art Of The Tag: The Painted Water Tower (Model Kits) Of NYC, featuring work from more than 30 illustrators, graphic, graffiti and street artists, who've added their magic to Boundless Brooklyn Mini and Mega water towers. Whose work, you ask? Check out the official postcard below, which has the name of everyone involved.

Oh, and a giant thank you to Vin and BIkkei from myplasticheart, and our Projects Coordinator, Tiffany "Triple Threat" Ng (whose work will also be on display!).