Thank You New York Comic Con October 18 2015

For four incredible days, we had the honor of having our first-ever booth at New York Comic Con. And while sleep was in short supply, the energy, excitement and enthusiasm made it feel as if it all passed in the blink of an eye. 

Of course, a huge part of our incredible experience goes to the 12 artists who did live demos at our booth. From the first to the last day, these generous artists plied their trade for everyone to see, and the results — which you can see on our Instagram page — were beautiful. 

And even though we're less than a week removed from the end of Comic Con, we can't wait for next year's version to start. 

A very special thanks to Vin & Bikkei at myplasticheart, and Lou Pimentel and ChrisRWK for all of their pre-show guidance, suggestions and support. 

ChrisRWK Boundless Brooklyn New York Comic Con