Boundless Brooklyn Lands at Le Bon Marché in Paris September 03 2015

It's a bit of cliche, but Brooklyn has definitely gone global. And while Boundless has been fortunate to land in some spectacular international spots — like England, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Peru — we admit that we were blown away to be included in Le Bon Marche's "Brooklyn Rive Gauche" exhibit at its flagship Paris location.  

This event is bringing together some of Brooklyn's many new and vintage brands as a way of honoring our borough, in the City of Lights. Not only are our Water Tower and City Sign model kits available for sale at Le Bon Marché, but we also arranged for back-to-back weekend artist demos, with Joseph Delhomme and Liox showing customers how to put art to craft. 

Le Bon Marche Boundless Brooklyn Joseph Delhomme