If We Can Make It Here August 20 2015

As we approach our second birthday (in December), we still have a number of firsts that we're enjoying. For example, we just participated in our first-ever NY NOW trade show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This massive event brings together hundreds of brands — and thousands of buyers — from all over the world. 

We were humbled to be there, and to have a number of new stores — from Venice, California to Toledo, Ohio — add Boundless to their lineup. And to help show retailers how all of our craft model kits can be customized, we also featured a number of live artists demos with Lou Pimentel, WeirdEyeOne, Luisa Jannuzzi and Ruth Chan (who looks decidedly giddy that Terence is being interviewed). 

NY NOW proved such a success that we've already signed on to do it again this coming January. Let the planning begin.