Running Wild In the Bronx July 05 2015

We're not ones to turn down a good party, especially when it happens to fall during the Fourth of July weekend. So when The DriF! approached us about curating our first-ever show in The Bronx, we jumped at the chance. Then, when we found out it would be at Crash's gallery — WallWorks — we jumped even higher. 

The DRiF brought together more than 40 artists, who added their incredible talent to a mix of Boundless Brooklyn water towers and billboards. The results, like those from our other shows, were simply beautiful and diverse. 

A very special thanks to the DRiF, Crash and the entire team at WallWorks and all of the artists for making this event come together, and adding the Bronx to our list of places we've been fortunate to call home. 

Boundless Brooklyn Run Wild Wallworks