Claw Money + Boundless Brooklyn Means Magic at MoMA June 11 2015

Tonight was a magical night at Boundless Brooklyn: our first-ever women's-only art show — Towers Of Power — opened at the MoMA Store in Soho, and the curator beyond the wheel of this great event was the one and only Claw Money

Claw invited more than 30 female artists to customize Boundless water towers, asking them to interpret what feminism meant to them. The results, like the turnout at MoMA, were spectacular. In addition to the work, attendees cooled off from NYC's blazing day with Sailor Jerry Dark & Stormy cocktails and Fresh & Co. bottled water. Bust Magazine was a generous sponsor as well, and provided free copies of its latest issue. And we couldn't have pulled it off without the help of our PR majordomo, Greg Waters (of Enright Communications) — and the entire team at the MoMA Store. 

If you're in NYC, please be sure to stop by the MoMA Store (81 Spring Street, Lower Level) to see and shop these beautiful and unique works of art.  

Boundless Brooklyn Towers Of Power MoMA Store