Creating Fresh Art at the Brooklyn Museum April 06 2015

This past Saturday, four incredible artists — 

Rob Plater (@tmoplater)Marthalicia (@marthalicia)Mary Damian (@_murrz) & Quan Zeng (@zeroproductivity) — put on an epic tag-a-tower clinic at the Brooklyn Museum, as part of the Target First Saturday/Basquiat "Notebooks" event. Within minutes of starting, this incredible crew was swarmed with onlookers, most of whom stayed for the entire 3-hour session. And halfway through, another skilled tagger — Laeden Galicia (@dinkc) — pulled up a seat and started jamming on a Boundless Brooklyn tower of his own. 

Check out the results at the Brooklyn Museum Shop, where the customized towers are now on sale. 

A huge shout to the artists and team at the Shop, especially Tracy & Janelle, who's incredible help and support made this all possible.