Read All About It: Final Details For Our Show At myplasticheart September 27 2014

What started as a conversation over lunch with Vin from myplasticheart is now about to happen — our first-ever artists' show! Join us on Saturday, November 1st (from 7 pm - 10 pm) for the opening night of The Art Of The Tag: The Painted Water Tower (Model Kits) Of NYC, featuring work from more than 30 illustrators, graphic, graffiti and street artists, who've added their magic to Boundless Brooklyn Mini and Mega water towers. Whose work, you ask? Check out the official postcard below, which has the name of everyone involved.

Oh, and a giant thank you to Vin and BIkkei from myplasticheart, and our Projects Coordinator, Tiffany "Triple Threat" Ng (whose work will also be on display!).