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Spike Lee with a little BB January 23 2019

Well this doesn't happen very often: seeing an Oscar®-nominated director (and diehard Brooklynite to boot), posing in front of a Boundless Brooklyn model kit. But that's what we saw today, courtesy of Master Class, which posted a picture of Spike and one of our old school Brooklyn City Signs. Check out our post on Instagram...with a sneak peek below.

Spike Lee with Boundless Brooklyn model kit

Vamo Vamo' — Boundless España November 07 2016

We're thrilled to announce the first-ever Boundless Brooklyn show in Spain, in collaboration with the great team at Art Toy Gama and Art Toy Maison. Curated by Fran Picazo, Street Art's Water Tower will open in San Sebastian on November 18th and run until December 23rd. The show will feature work from Spanish and Italian artists, all on Boundless Brooklyn water tower model kits. Special thanks to our friends at The Toy Finder for all of the support. 

Boundless Brooklyn Street Art's Water Tower Spain

Boundless Brooklyn x Tom Fruin = Our Newest Water Tower Model Kits October 11 2016

It started out simply enough: for years we'd seen — and loved — Tom Fruin's incredible "stained glass" water tower in Dumbo. One day, we figured we'd email him to send our compliments, and offer up a few of our water tower kits; but Tom had a better — and more generous offer: come by the studio and check out the tower on the roof. And that's how our collaboration with one of Brooklyn's finest and most famous artists all began. 

What started as a studio visit culminates in our first collaboration with Tom: a limited edition Boundless Brooklyn water tower model kit featuring Tom's iconic artwork! Each kit features 10 colors, silkscreened on the tank and roof, as well as jet black silkscreened onto the legs and platform. Plus, Tom will sign each tower.

This first project will be limited to 150 towers — with orders shipping in November — so grab one before they're gone

Boundless Brooklyn Tom Fruin Limited Edition Water Tower Model Kit 

See You at New York Comic Con September 22 2016

Hard to believe that it's been almost a year since our first booth at New York Comic Con. But time flies and we're just two weeks away from the fun and fans at the Javits Center. Like last year, we'll have Booth 114 in The Block, and not only will we have our full lineup of craft model kits, but we'll also be debuting our brand new, limited edition water towers by Chris RWK and Lou Pimentel. Plus, Chris, Lou AND Andrea Kang will be doing live painting demos. 

Chris RWK Boundless Brooklyn New York Comic Con

Lou Pimentel Boundless Brooklyn New York Comic Con


Our First-Ever Limited Edition Water Towers August 22 2016

For more than a year, our product roadmap has grown — and at the top of that list has been a little something artistic. Which is why we're so thrilled to announce that we've finally achieved this little goal: limited edition silkscreened water towers!

The first two of these towers will debut at our New York Comic Con booth (#114) this October, and we couldn't be happier to have partnered with legendary street artist Chris RWK and fan-favorite illustrator Lou Pimentel, who've created original work for these towers. Each tower will be artist-signed and available for a short time. 

At Comic Con, these Medium-sized towers will be $45. But during a special pre-launch sale, the towers are 20% off — that's just $36 each, plus shipping. To receive 20% off, orders must be placed on our site by Friday, August 26th. 


My Ad Here, by Chris RWK 


Esperanza, by Lou Pimentel

Boundless Brooklyn Lands at Target June 23 2016

Well this doesn't happen every day: Target has started selling Boundless Brooklyn small water tower model kits!

This incredible opportunity came together thanks to our friends at Scoutmob, which helped Target select 14 makers to represent NYC. It goes without saying (but we're New Yorkers, so we can't help ourselves) that we're totally humbled and thank Target and Scoutmob for this honor. 

Yas Kween! Boundless Is on Broad City! April 14 2016

One of the things we love about Broad City—aside from their great taste in apartment decor—is its realistic depiction of life in New York.

Special Delivery: Introducing the Mailbox Model Kit April 07 2016

We're psyched to announce the launch of our newest model kit, the Mailbox! This newbie is an homage to the classic American icon that dots streets and corners across the U.S. 

Like all Boundless Brooklyn model kits, the Mailbox is made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled material, comes flat-packed and assembles in minutes. And it's completely customizable with markers, paints, charcoals, etc. And when you order one, we'll get completely meta and drop your kit(s) in a mailbox! 

Boundless Brooklyn Mailbox Model Kit

Boundless Launches Its First Wholesale Site March 08 2016

We're excited to announce the launch of our first-ever wholesale site — This password-protected site allows all of our retail partners to place orders (and reorders!) online in just minutes. 

If you're an existing retailer and need your login information — or if you're a retailer and would like to carry Boundless in your store — please email us.

Boundless Brooklyn Wholesale Site

The Washington Post Gives Boundless Some Love February 18 2016

We didn't break any political rules (or laws) and still managed to get a nice little writeup in The Washington Post, for this weekend's opening of Destroy & Create with Art Whino, at their Blind Whino location in DC. But don't take our word for The Post's own words. 

Boundless Brooklyn Washington Post

The Halfpipe Gets An Amazing YouTube Review January 19 2016

In the lead-up to our show with/at Art Whino in February, one of the participating artists — Kevin Bednarz — has created a fantastic video showing him assembling his new Boundless Brooklyn Halfpipe Model Kit

Check Kevin's (very kind!) review and see how quickly and easily he puts together his Halfpipe Model Kit. Next up: the customized version, which will debut at the Art Whino show on February 20th. 

Thanks so much, Kevin! 

Bert Isn't So Grumpy When He's on NY1 January 12 2016

Chalk up another first for Boundless: our first interview on NY1! The fine folks at New York's news channel swung by Grumpy Bert to interview Bert, Murrz, Sircrone and Adrian K about the "Tat It Up" show. A giant thank you to NY1, Murrz & Z (for curating), Bert for the amazing opportunity, and to all of the artists, especially Sircrone, Adrian K, Inskworth for being on air. 

The Brooklyn Paper Gives Boundless Brooklyn a Shout January 07 2016

In the lead-up to our first-ever Brooklyn show — "Tat It Up" at Grumpy Bert — The Brooklyn Paper has written a wonderful story about everyone involved in making the show happen. But don't take our word for it; check the article and see what's in store at the opening, this Friday, January 8th. A very special thank you to Dennis Lynch, from The Brooklyn Paper, curators Murrz & ZeroProductivity and to Bert at Grumpy Bert.  

Tat It Up Boundless Brooklyn

Travel + Leisure Recommends Boundless Brooklyn November 20 2015

Imagine our surprise (and delight) to find that Travel + Leisure magazine included Boundless Brooklyn Water Tower model kits on its Top 6 must-have gifts when visiting New York City. And as if that weren't enough, the very short list included items from such prestigious NYC institutions as the Whitney Museum, Momofuku Milk Bar and Mast Brothers chocolate. A very big thank you to Travel + Leisure, and author Laura Itzkowitz for including us. 

Travel + Leisure Boundless Brooklyn Top 6 NYC Gifts 

Shepard Fairey, Boundless Brooklyn & The Late Show with Stephen Colbert November 18 2015

Imagine our surprise — and delight — to see that none other than Shepard Fairey had customized a Boundless Brooklyn water tower for the new set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. We've had some very cool and incredible things happen since we launched Boundless, but having the iconic Obey symbol adorn one of our towers — and be featured every night on the set of The Late Show — is hard to top. A very, very, very big thank you to Andrea from Damage Studios for all of her help and support in getting our towers onto the set...and into the hands of Shepard Fairey. And, of course, a big thank you to Stephen Colbert for letting our towers grace his gorgeous set.  

Shepard Fairey Boundless Brooklyn Late Show Stephen Colbert

Boundless Brooklyn Touches Down in the Windy City November 05 2015

This Friday marks another first for Boundless Brooklyn: our first-ever art show in Chicago. We're psyched, honored and extremely appreciative to the fine folks at Galerie F — with a special hat tip to Billy Craven and curators JC Rivera and Ali 6.  

Forty+ artists received Boundless Brooklyn water towers and put their art to work for the show, "Timeless". From what we've seen on Instagram, there's a lot of talent in the affectionately known Second City. 

Timeless Boundless Brooklyn Galerie F

Thank You New York Comic Con October 18 2015

For four incredible days, we had the honor of having our first-ever booth at New York Comic Con. And while sleep was in short supply, the energy, excitement and enthusiasm made it feel as if it all passed in the blink of an eye. 

Of course, a huge part of our incredible experience goes to the 12 artists who did live demos at our booth. From the first to the last day, these generous artists plied their trade for everyone to see, and the results — which you can see on our Instagram page — were beautiful. 

And even though we're less than a week removed from the end of Comic Con, we can't wait for next year's version to start. 

A very special thanks to Vin & Bikkei at myplasticheart, and Lou Pimentel and ChrisRWK for all of their pre-show guidance, suggestions and support. 

ChrisRWK Boundless Brooklyn New York Comic Con

Boundless Brooklyn's First Foray at NY Comic Con September 29 2015

Chalk up another first for Boundless Brooklyn; this time around, it's our first-ever booth at New York Comic Con! Not only will our customizable model kits be for sale, but we'll also have 12 live artists demos and signings Thursday-Sunday (October 8th-11th). All demos are free, so be sure to swing by, grab a kit and learn tips from the pros. 

Check out this lineup — all happening at our booth, #114 in The Block.








Boundless Brooklyn stays up Late Night with Stephen Colbert September 09 2015

So this is kind of a big deal here in the world of Boundless Brooklyn: a number of our water tower model kits are featured on every episode of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert

How did this magic happen? It was all a twist of fate and a lot of luck. When Claw Money curated our show at the MoMA Store this past June, one of the incredible artists she invited to participate — Doña — just happened to have gotten a job as a lead Art Director at The Late Show. And wouldn't you know it? The team decided to incorporate a water tower motif. And wouldn't you know it? Andrea had just created a customized Boundless Brooklyn tower for the Claw Money show. So one thing leads to another, and, well, now our towers are on the set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

A giant, huge, tremendous thank you to Doña (Andrea), Claw and, of course Stephen Colbert. It's amazing to see how our little towers have gone big time. 

Boundless Brooklyn Lands at Le Bon Marché in Paris September 03 2015

It's a bit of cliche, but Brooklyn has definitely gone global. And while Boundless has been fortunate to land in some spectacular international spots — like England, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Peru — we admit that we were blown away to be included in Le Bon Marche's "Brooklyn Rive Gauche" exhibit at its flagship Paris location.  

This event is bringing together some of Brooklyn's many new and vintage brands as a way of honoring our borough, in the City of Lights. Not only are our Water Tower and City Sign model kits available for sale at Le Bon Marché, but we also arranged for back-to-back weekend artist demos, with Joseph Delhomme and Liox showing customers how to put art to craft. 

Le Bon Marche Boundless Brooklyn Joseph Delhomme

If We Can Make It Here August 20 2015

As we approach our second birthday (in December), we still have a number of firsts that we're enjoying. For example, we just participated in our first-ever NY NOW trade show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This massive event brings together hundreds of brands — and thousands of buyers — from all over the world. 

We were humbled to be there, and to have a number of new stores — from Venice, California to Toledo, Ohio — add Boundless to their lineup. And to help show retailers how all of our craft model kits can be customized, we also featured a number of live artists demos with Lou Pimentel, WeirdEyeOne, Luisa Jannuzzi and Ruth Chan (who looks decidedly giddy that Terence is being interviewed). 

NY NOW proved such a success that we've already signed on to do it again this coming January. Let the planning begin. 

Running Wild In the Bronx July 05 2015

We're not ones to turn down a good party, especially when it happens to fall during the Fourth of July weekend. So when The DriF! approached us about curating our first-ever show in The Bronx, we jumped at the chance. Then, when we found out it would be at Crash's gallery — WallWorks — we jumped even higher. 

The DRiF brought together more than 40 artists, who added their incredible talent to a mix of Boundless Brooklyn water towers and billboards. The results, like those from our other shows, were simply beautiful and diverse. 

A very special thanks to the DRiF, Crash and the entire team at WallWorks and all of the artists for making this event come together, and adding the Bronx to our list of places we've been fortunate to call home. 

Boundless Brooklyn Run Wild Wallworks

Boundless Brooklyn Hops the Pond to...Dublin June 25 2015

Today we reached a new milestone, and all it took was hopping the Atlantic Ocean: our first-ever European show — in Dublin. Fifteen customized Boundless Brooklyn water towers from American artists joined 15 customized towers from Irish artists for the "Transatlantic Fun & Games" show, curated by Marthalicia and Picture This Dublin. These fun and games will be on display and sale through July 4th. 

A very special thanks to Balla Ban Gallery for their support, and to Fashion Fair on Drury Street for hosting the event!

Boundless Brooklyn Transatlantic Fun and Games Show Dublin

Fresh Shake Shack Art At Reed Space June 21 2015

On the first official day of summer, things got hot in NYC. Yes, it was 90+ degrees, but we're actually referring to our latest show — The Art of the Shack — at Reed Space, featuring 30+ artist-customized Boundless Brooklyn Shake Shack model kits. The work, like the artists involved, was as incredible as it was varied. And Shake Shack brought in some goodness to keep the crowd fed and cool: burgers and custard, on the house! 

A big thank you to everyone at Reed Space — especially Jeff and Kim; the team at Shake Shack — especially Edwin, Cathie and Laura; and all of the talented artists, whose work is on display and sale at Reed Space, through July 3rd, and then moving to Shake Shack's site. Oh, and a hat tip to Lou Pimentel for this beautiful piece he did for the show.